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I can honestly say that no one has ever called me "normal"! That is just fine with me! God created me to stand out, be different, be weird, and not blend in with the world.

There are definately many personalities floating around in my mind. This makes for quite an interesting day with me! It is "Grand Central Station" up there! I have even 'named them'! (Don't send in the troops just yet)

The great thing about having such diversity is that there is never a dull moment with me! I always make sure that heading up this little party in my mind is the Lord God Himself!

God has shown me how to embrace the 'fun' inside me and use it to better His Kingdom! I have found that I don't have to be a 'stick in the mud' to be a Christian. I am a child of God! I am a Chrsitian! I am a follower of Christ! I AM HIS! Every day I am working toward becoming a better Disciple! I will NEVER be perfect - but I am SAVED; so that is all that matters!!


Monday, August 30, 2010

What keeps me going?

I often have to wonder how much longer I can go on. Each time a trial comes my way, I shoot it down with a smile and "God will take care of it". I have been doing this for years now. It seems as though the more trials come my way, the more difficult it becomes to keep the positive attitude. 13 years ago, my first daughter was born and found out she was deaf. Faced that trial with a smile and faith. 9 years ago, found out my second daugther has Bipolar, began medicating her only to find out 3 years later that she is NOT Bipolar but has PDD, changed medications and moved on. 7 years ago found out my baby girl is also deaf. 6 years ago went through a divorce, which I have to say was one of the lesser trials due to the cooperation, however, being a single parent is not the easiest thing in the world (not the hardest either); constantly telling my daughters "no" for something they deserve or even need. Watching them grow and mature and take it all with smiles and understanding (most of the time). 2 years ago found out my other daughter suffers from Narcolepcy; got medication for that as well and moved on, once again. And throughout all this, I still stand alone - broke and crying almost nightly wondering - "when do we get a break?"!
Now with that being said, I have to say this...No pitty needed. No sympathy wanted. Just your ear...
Travel with me, if you will, to a land called Uz. There lived a man named Job. He was blameless, upright, and shunned evil. He had 7 sons and 3 daughters and more livestock than he needed. "He was the greatest man among all the people." (Job 1:3) ..."Then the Lord said to Satan, have you considered my servant Job?" (Job 1:8) That's right folks; God OFFERED Job to Satan. A man worthy of honor amoung his people. A man who feared God and shunned evil. A righteous man. God OFFERED him up to Satan himself! Why would God do that?!! I was always told that if we follow God and do His Will, He will protect us! That's NOT protection! If it is, I'll pass! God not only OFFERED Job, His servant, up for Satan to do with as he pleased, He stood by and watched it! He left Job to defend himself against his friends and even his own wife! What kind of a God is that?
You are probably wondering where I am going with this...bare with me....
Job's life was so awful that he "loathed his very life" (Job 10:1) He was alone. God allowed Satan to not only inflict pain on Job himself, but he also allowed his livestock, home, and land to be destroyed. He also went so far as to take Job's own family away from him. He left Job ALONE! "I have become a laughingstock to my friends" (Job 12:4).  Even after the mocking and shunning and brutal words of his friends and wife; Job says this..."Listen carefully to my words; let this be the consultation you give me. Bear with me while I speak, and after I have spoken, mock on." (Job 21:1-3) "Why do the wicked live on, growing old and increasing in power? They see their children established around them, their offspring before their eyes. Their homes safe adn free from fear; the rod of God is not upon them." (Job 21:7-9) "They spend theirs years in prosperity adn go down to the grave in peace. Yet they say to God, "Leave us alone! We have no desire to know your ways. Who is the Almighty, that we should serve him? What would we gain by praying to him?" But their prosperity is not in their own hands, so I stand aloof from the counsel of the wicked." (Job 21:13-16)
Even throughout all of Job's trials, temptations, battles, losses, and lonelyness; HE STANDS WITH GOD. When it would have been easy for him to give in and curse God, he curses man! The same "man" who stand and mock him and blame him for his "bad-luck". Job stands tall and stands with the One who is allowing all this to happen to him. He does not side with man; even when it is easiest to do so. "So how can you console me with your nonsense? Nothing is left of your answers but falsehood!" (Job 21:34) Job could have "confessed" the sins, he did not commit. He could have sided with his "friends" and been accepted. He chose God!! The same God that was allowing all these things to happen to him.
But also, the same God who...
"After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord made him prosperous again and gave him twice as much as he had before. All his brothers and sisters and everyone who knew him before came and ate with him in his house. They comforted and consoled him over all th trouble the Lord had brought upon him, and each gave him a piece of silver and a gold ring." (Job 42: 10-11) Job prayed for "his friends"! The same friends who tried to turn him agains God. The same friends that God punished in the end. Job prayed for them.
Job not only went through more trials that I pray I ever see; he NEVER ONCE turned from God!!
What keeps me going?

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Anonymous said...

I think one of the hardest things for parents to do is hold themselves accountable to their children. Because if we don't, our kids will ask us "why do you do that" or "why do you say that" when we tell them not to. I struggled the whole time my kids were growing up with being the kind of mom they would never be ashamed of, one that I would never have to lie about. I'm the first to tell them yet today that I didn't deserve to have such great kids, that they were a unearned gift. Although we are the parents and our children should answer to us, I believe in areas of character, behavior, etc, we answer to our kids. Because if we don't, if we can't look our kids in the eye, and maintain the type of character we expect them to, that's the worst kind of hypocrisy. I believe the kind of moral platform God calls us to stand on is for all of us, not just for the other person. And if we choose to stand on that platform, we will "run and not grow weary, walk and not faint".