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I can honestly say that no one has ever called me "normal"! That is just fine with me! God placed a lot of personalities within my tiny mind and it is a journey to say the least. It is "Grand Central Station" up there! I have even 'named them'! (Don't send in the troops just yet)

The great thing about having such diversity is that there is never a dull moment with me! I always make sure that heading up this little party in my mind is the Lord God Himself!

God has shown me how to embrace the 'fun' inside me and use it to better His Kingdom! I have found that I don't have to be a 'stick in the mud' to be a Christian.
I am a child of God!
I am a Christian!
I am a follower of Christ!
Every day I am working toward becoming a better Disciple! I will NEVER be perfect - but I am SAVED; so that is all that matters!!

Asking for prayers as God works through me to publish the books we have written together.
If you are interested in having me speak at an event, women's study, etc.; just send me a message!

Sunday, June 30, 2013


Have you ever done something, seen something, or experienced something that gave you the "WOW Factor"? Ya, know - Experiencing your child being born; Watching your son hit his first homerun; Your daughter walking down the steps in her first prom dress; The first meal you cooked that was actually edible; Ace'n a test you didn't even study for; or whatever it may be. It was the moment when your heart skipped a beat and you felt an overwhelming sense of happiness and pride! Joy overcame you and you didn't want the moment to end!
Those moments are priceless and they remind us of how wonderful life really can be. But those moments are also temporary. They don't last. Sure, you have the memories and the thousands of pictures you took. But the moment itself is gone in a flash.
We want those moments to last. We want those moments to keep com'n at us so we can enjoy life and experience happiness. We long for moments like those because they make us feel as though life is worth living.
How does it make you feel when someone "rains on your parade"? How does it make you feel when someone doesn't notice how wonderful that special moment is for you? What if someone took that moment that you were so proud of and said, "EH, not so great. I could do better"? How would you feel? I would think that you would feel crushed, offended, hurt, and maybe even angry. I would! If someone seen one of my daughters in her prom dress and said, "Eh, not so beautiful"; I would tell them they are blind as a bat! We don't want anyone to take those moments away from us, or minimize them. They are special to us! We cherish them!
So why is that the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT MOMENTS IN HISTORY are tossed aside like they don't mean as much as they were suppose to mean? Why is it that people can't see the beauty in the MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS EVER? Why do we see the Gospel as a "Not so important moment in history"? It is THE TURNING POINT in history and the foundation on which we should live our lives!!! It is THE REASON WE HAVE LIFE AT ALL!! The Gospel is the greatest story every lived and it will never be topped! Why is it so hard for us to accept? Why do we, as sinners, continue to look our Father in the eye and say, "Eh, not so great"?
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is THE MOMENT that we should hold on to, cherish, have pride for, and stop anyone who feels differently about it! It is filled with, not one, not two, but MANY MANY  moments that we should keep mental pictures of! There should be thousands of pictures of the Gospel in your mind and they should be carried wherever we go to show everyone we meet!!
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