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I can honestly say that no one has ever called me "normal"! That is just fine with me! God placed a lot of personalities within my tiny mind and it is a journey to say the least. It is "Grand Central Station" up there! I have even 'named them'! (Don't send in the troops just yet)

The great thing about having such diversity is that there is never a dull moment with me! I always make sure that heading up this little party in my mind is the Lord God Himself!

God has shown me how to embrace the 'fun' inside me and use it to better His Kingdom! I have found that I don't have to be a 'stick in the mud' to be a Christian.
I am a child of God!
I am a Christian!
I am a follower of Christ!
Every day I am working toward becoming a better Disciple! I will NEVER be perfect - but I am SAVED; so that is all that matters!!

Asking for prayers as God works through me to publish the books we have written together.
If you are interested in having me speak at an event, women's study, etc.; just send me a message!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You can be a carpenter!!

When we think of a carpenter, we think of someone who can build homes, buildings, work with wood, etc...We may even think of Jesus, as a boy, growing up a carpenter's son. I have to say though, I think of something a bit different.
I think that we can be carpenters even if we don't know how to build anything physically. I mean, I TRY to build stuff all the time and or FIX things in my home; doesn't usually turn out like it is suppose to, but hey - I try. LOL  I think that we can be carpenters when it comes to buidling each others' spirits. We can encourage others in their faith and encourage those that are lost and show them the way. Christ came to earth to show us the way (isn't what that one song says, lol), why shouldn't we show others as well. Why allow Christ's mission to stop with Him. We can help others build foundations to Christ. We can help build someone's self-esteem. We can help build character is those around us by showing good character ourselves. We can build our own lives by reading God's Word.
There are thousands of ways we can build each other up, build a better future for us and our family, or even build someone's spirit. Being a builder, or a carpenter, can be done and should be done. We should want to build up others and show them the way. We were put here on earth to do just that! I were placed here to help spread God's Word. We were asked by our Creator, our Carpenter, to go out into the world and preach My Word. I don't know about you all, but I happen to love my boss and want to keep Him happy. I would hate to get fired from be a Carpenter for Christ!! Working for the other "boss" would suck!! (sorry, it would)
Think about why you were placed here! Think about what your Savior has asked of you! BUT - don't just "think", DO!!! BE A CARPENTER FOR CHRIST!!
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